creating is my passion

Hack Collection is a brand that has evolved over the past 5-6 years by owner Abi Hack. It started off with her hand painting phone cases & creating friendship bracelets, this then moved onto her selling her Art Prints & customising trainers. Finally, after a few years of stagnation; she launched Hack Collection in which she started with very minimal items. This year will be the year that more items are available & branching out into new styles, higher quality garments & unique designs.

Hack Collection is a combination of Art, Passion, Fashion & Clothing. 

Art has always been Abi's inspiration & clothing was something she always wanted to customise.

Abi is a tattoo artist so whilst developing her career within tattooing, she finally felt able to push forward her style on clothing, within Hack Collection. 

The main purpose of the clothing, is for those wearing it; to be able to express themselves how they wish. Abi loves the comfy baggy Tee's and Hoodie's look with joggers/jeans.. and these pieces are perfect to do so. 

Each item is screen printed by an external printing company  or handprinted using the Lino printing technique which is personally hand crafted by Abi. 

Every item has the passion & love in it. Hours of work has gone into every piece & hopefully you all love them as much as Abi does.


Hack Collection is created in Essex, UK solely by Abi. She has no other employees, or assistance. So make sure to be kind & patient with your orders being fulfilled. :)


In the future, look out for many new pieces; the more popular the brand is & the more you guys buy.. the more Abi can put into it!

Just this past year alone, the amount of items available on the store has gone up by 60+, so 2021 is a great year to be supporting this small business. 

I want everything to be perfect & people to know.. I designed it.