4 A5 Sheets of temporary tattoo designs by Abi Hack. 


Perfect if you would like to see what a future tattoo may look like, or to figure out the placement of a future tattoo! Can easily be transferred onto the skin & removed when needs be. Also great for festivals & makeup looks. 




1. prep the skin, remove any excess oil from the intended area, by wiping with a high alcoohl % hand sanitiser or alcohol wipes. 

2. Cut out your design as close to the lines as possible

3. Place the tattoo design down onto your skin where you would like it to go. Flat areas achieve better results than areas where you have a bend (like back of knees, elbow crease etc).

4. Place a  damp flannel/cloth on top of the tattoo (do not SOAK it) for approximately 30-60 seconds)

5. You will notice the design will slowly start to slide off of the backing onto your skin

6. Remove backing sheet by sliding it off of your skin, leave the tattoo to dry. 

7. Remove some of the shine by using a small amount of talc over the top. 



If you have any questions regarding the temporary tattoos, please email me at: info@hackcollection.co.uk

Temporary Tattoos